About Us

Purnata works holistically & collaboratively using research and innovation to End Human Trafficking.

In a world of Human Trafficking, we often realize the issue after it happened. Often organizations tend to focus on alleviating the issues rather than eradicating those. Purnata's major focus is Prevention - reducing the vulnerability for trafficking "at source". We also look at ways to increase the risk to traffickers while "in transit", as well as decreasing the demand "at destinations".

We are currently present in Mumbai & Kolkata. 

Our focus areas include:

  • Rescue: Rescue victims of human trafficking before sale, usually in-transit.
  • Rehabilitation: Provide care & protection for victims of Human Trafficking. Usually this involves safe shelter, health-care, education, training, job placement and follow ups.
  • Reintegration: Restore survivors back to mainstream society, living lives of dignity, and to connect with their roots.